Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Oh The Joy...

Last Sunday was a great "love being a Mom" moment. During church Elijah asked to go to the bathroom so I gave him the speak about being reverent and folding his arms then let him go. About 10 minutes later he returned with a strange look on his face I asked him what was wrong and the conversation went as follows...

{Now keep in mind, Elijah doesn't whisper, really at all and we are in a very quiet time during church}
Elijah..."Mom, me need you to wipe my bottom. Me couldn't do it very good"
Me..."Elijah, please whisper. Just sit and I will do it after sacrament."
Elijah..."Mom, me need you to do it now. I can't sit. It feels funny. I am just going to stand"
Me..."Elijah, please whisper!!
Elijah..."I think that I have poop on my bottom. Me really do!"
Me..."Okay, let's go but please whisper and fold your arms and walk reverently."

I guess I share this somewhat gross event because I am sure some of you have gone through it and are laughing. Also because Heavenly Father has taught us to be like little children. Elijah is humble and he knows when something isn't right and wants it taken care of right away. I love that about him. In my own life I can totally learn from that event. I need to not just smile and let things slide. I need to stand up when things are not right. I need to also be humble and ask for help and advice. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to do this alone. Which is great because I definitely need all the help I can get! Being a Mom is the greatest job ever...I just love it!

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  1. What a blessing to be a mother and have a family unified in the gospel, nothing brings greater joy.
    I don't blame Elijah for the discomfort!!


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