Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School Time

Well as for many of you, school is back in session. Before school started Monday, we had a back to school mini cheeseburgers BBQ on Sunday. Jeremiah demonstrated the fine art of stacking a mini cheeseburger...yummy homemade rolls

After dinner we had a reverent experience with before school priesthood blessings. I feel so appreciative to my husband for his worthiness to hold the priesthood. All the kids felt so relaxed and ready for the school year because they have received a little extra protection from their father on earth and their Heavenly Father.

The next day was school and I had the hardest time letting go of Jack. He is in 6th grade!!! Two reasons it was hard to let go...Firstly, he is in 6th grade!! Secondly, I am NOT old enough to have a middle schooler.

He was so cool. I was trying not to cry and he said, "Mom, you will be okay...it's just another year of school." When did he get so mature and sensitive to emotions. He is growing into such a young man.

Zaylie was so excited to just GO! She is so cute...she will have a great year in 4th grade. I am excited for her.
Her priesthood blessing truely touched me. She has an important work here. I know she chose our family because she needed to teach her mom how to be a better daughter of God.

My little kindergartener, Elijah. Elijah is in PM kindergarten and all morning it was like the time was ticking so SLOWLY. He couldn't get in the class fast enough.

But when we got there he slowed down a little bit and peeked in the room. He saw some kids from church and gave me a kiss and ran in. We will continue to work on his speech with the school. He will have a great year.

Last, but definetly not least, my Wyatt.
Wyatt is going to stay home with me one more year. We are going to do preschool stuff together. I am getting my fingerpaint, playdoh mojo on. We will have a lot of fun. I think that I am just not ready to let my baby go.

We will wear the armor of God. All is all, this year is going to ROCK (I hope)!

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