Thursday, September 3, 2009

Burn Out

Alright, I am going to vent just a bit so I can go about the rest of my day with you worries. As some my know, I am now going to school. This is week 4. I have reached burn out stage. I am taking the beginning classes that "teach" you all about plagiarism and how to speak to others without offending them. I have written several papers on those subjects and I am just about done with them. Yes, I know how to not offend others (for the most part). Yes, I have integrity and I will not cheat and steal from anyone. I think I "learned" it. Actually, I know I did. My parents taught me. It is basic knowledge. I can't believe some of the papers I have been reading from some of the other students. It must be a new concept for them.

Okay, I will breathe and move on. Life is good. I am glad I am in school. I just needed to vent a bit...Thanks for listening...

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  1. yeah the lack of integrity today really stinks. did you get zaylie planned out for piano again with jordan? hopefully so. just give me a jingle in the morning if the brother & fam are up for snaps @ 9am, i'll be up. =) happy studying!


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