Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Acts of Kindness

Today, I am just grateful for all the love in the world. It is definitely not focus on if you only listen to the news but I am convinced that the people of the world are, for the most part good-hearted people. I have witnesses a couple of random acts of kindness and they have restored my optimism! I know that the Lord works in mysterious ways. We need to spread the word that WE are still a good people. That all is not lost. The economy and maybe( but hopefully not) the government maybe going to hell in a hand basket but that will be okay. We will endure to the end. We are a good people. WE will help each other and WE will not let each other down. With the craziness of the economy and the hopelessness that is being spread through out, I feel like what can I do? Now I know, I need to warm the hearts of my fellow men. In turn, that will help each one of us to gain a better the eternal perspective. Remembering that life is not just now but it is goes on. Wow, that sounds a bit deep, but not really. A simple smile or hello can be an act of kindness, right? So thank you for showing me all of your random acts of kindness! I am grateful for all of you!

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