Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Power of a Name

In our home we have struggles. We have the struggle of....what cereal to have in the morning. The 2 older kids love Cream of Wheat and would love to have it everyday. The 2 little ones hate Cream of Wheat. They even gag when I have them taste it. So as the mom, I try to be the peacekeeper and stay neutral be let it be known I love it too! Well today I found a way to make all parties happy. Up until today we have called it, Malt o Meal (another great cereal) just because they are very closely related and it is a fun name to sing, (another story...) but this morning when asked, "is this Malt o Meal?" I said, "no, it is Cream of Wheat." Instantly the little ones said, "this is great, I love this, Mom can we have this everyday?" Success!

The power of a name and how it is perceived. In a round about way, I started to think about other things that "hid" behind their name. Some for the good and some for the not. It is just so important to keep sharp and focused and not let tricky people, (mom) fool!

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  1. mmmm it all sounds good! :) Where are you guys working out? So exciting, it will probably be summer before I get to go regularly again!


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